Driver Education Videos

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death. Therefore, one of the most important programs a young person can participate in is driver’s education. While driving school education is extremely beneficial for students nothing compares to seeing real situations and watching the consequences of bad driving on video. It sends across a clear message to the students that reckless and irresponsible driving is dangerous. They can see for themselves and hear from people who have been through such bad experiences.

Driver education videos are visually engaging with lots of graphics and real life scenarios that can be graphic at times. Some videos show actual footage of vehicle fatalities and injured victims. These can be very shocking for the viewer. However, they do manage to demonstrate that driving mistakes can happen anytime, and that most accidents can be prevented. They show by example how accidents take place, what the consequences are and what proper techniques can be used to prevent such accidents.

There are a number of driver education videos available that cover specific driving related topics. Each video may be anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes in duration. These videos promote safe driving practices to students using re-enactments, demonstrations and real life tragic stories that convey a message and leave an impression. Some videos are specially created to encourage parents and students to work together learning essential driving skills and habits.

Some topics that are covered in these videos the basics of driving, recognizing traffic signs and symbols, driving in adverse weather conditions and the dangers of driving at night. Videos on vision and how this can affect driving, fatigue that is a major cause of many accidents, driving on the freeway and defensive driving are also addressed.

One of the most important topics is about young drivers who are more prone to driving accidents than anyone else. These videos have parents of young drivers who have died in crashes describe how the tragedy has affected them. These are a very profound and insightful and extremely important for young drivers to see.

Dangers of driving under the influence is another must see video. It helps students understand the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. Students understand that drinking and driving can be devastating and that lives can be changed in a split second if they are not responsible drivers.